Bella Voce Studios

Providing Voice Lessons and Audition Coaching for children and adults.


Picture of Music notes

What to Expect

Each student is unique.  We start our lessons with vocal warm ups based on the student's current level of training.  Once the student is ready and warmed up, we spend the majority of the lesson working on audition pieces, or practicing technique on a song chosen by the student.  Students are encouraged to take notes, and record warm ups for use in daily practice.  Each session is 50 minutes in length and parents are welcome to attend at any time.  

Picture of a hand writing music.

What to Bring

Each student should bring a 3 ring binder, pencil, water, and music that they would like to work on.  Two great resources for music are and Scribd.  The binder will be used to keep copies of all music, monologues, as well as their "dream list" of songs/roles they would like to play.  Yes, we all want to play Ariel or Jean Valjean.

When you arrive, please park only in the spot marked #65.  The door will be open and quietly come in.   Parents are welcome to stay and observe the lesson.  Some children are hesitant to sing in front of their "greatest fans," so I encourage you to discuss your attendance with your kids.  

Image of piano and quote "Where Words Fail, Music Speaks" by Hans Christian Andersen

Bella Voce Philosophy

Music is a universal language.  It can be medicine for the soul.  I believe that it is my job to provide my students with a love of singing and develop their skills as musicians.  Each student comes with natural abilities. I work to bring those abilities out. If they are willing to put time and effort into singing the results will be amazing.   There is no magic potion that will make someone into a broadway star.  Hard work and determination is required.  (And at least 20 minutes of practice a day!)

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